Our Favorite Farmers’ Market Picks


Saturday mornings are meant for the farmers’ market. With many local markets throughout Wisconsin, the Dane County Farmers’ Market is the largest. Surrounding the Wisconsin State Capitol, there are so may sights, sounds, and unique products. Check out some of our favorite booths in Madison:


Hook’s Cheese Company

Hook’s has been a long-time favorites for Wisconsinites. Tony Hook and family began producing cheese in 1976. They started out only producing Cheddar and Swiss cheeses. They have since grown, and so has their selection. With award-winning cheeses claiming titles like, “Best of Class” and “Finest Cheese in the World,” you are sure to find a fresh flavor that you will love. (We recommend the 1-Year Cheddar.)

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Potter’s Crackers

Potter’s Crackers has been producing organic, artisan crackers since 2006. Peter Potter Weber and his mother, Nancy, created Potter’s in response to a disproportionate balance between artisanal cheeses and crackers. The company puts an emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients from around the greater Madison area.

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Tietz Family Farms

Tietz Family Farms is located just outside of Watertown, Wisconsin. The family farm is now in its seventh generation and still continues to thrive. With a variety of products produced from the farm. Popcorn is a best-seller. Tietz offers a variety of flavors of popcorn. Perfect for a movie-night!

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Gentle Breeze Honey

Eugene Woller and family started Gentle Breeze Honey in 1965 as a small business after many years of research on honeybees at UW through the US Department of Agriculture. Business has since boomed and the family now owns nearly 600 hives. The family not only produces delicious honey, but also makes the cutest beeswax candles.

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Stella’s Bakery

Stella’s Bakery is always one of the busiest booths at the market. Located near the State Street entrance to the Square, Stella’s always sells out of their famous Hot & Spice Cheese Bread. With other delicious goodies such as pretzels and loaves of bread, it is a carb-lovers dream!

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It would be difficult to mention how many great options there are for produce within the Dane County area. As seasons change, local farms always bring the best selection of ripe fruits and veggies. Some favorites include Luna Circle Farm with their organic produce and Alsum Sweet Corn, providing us delicious corn on the cob since 1976.

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You can find beautiful flower arrangements on every side of the Capitol Square. Selection often varies depending on the season, but never disappoints. With fall in full-swing, mums have caught the eye of many local shoppers. Some of our favorite flower arrangements and plant selections come from Sunborn Gardens of Mt. Horeb and Ebert’s Greenhouse Village of Ixonia.

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The Dane County Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday on the Capitol Square from mid-April to November from 6:15am to 1:45pm. In the winter, you can find the vendors selling their products on Saturday mornings at the Monona Terrace.

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